TANYA – the trendy one

From the latest nursery décor to stylish unisex baby brands, if there’s a trend worth watching journalist and interiors queen Tanya knows about it. With sidekick Finnan giving her every excuse for an online splurge, you can bet that she has whittled down the best websites and is creating a wishlist before you’ve even seen it mentioned in the weekend supplements’ “hot or not” lists. 

LYNSEY – the healthy one

Health nut and former Bondi Beach resident Lyns moved back to the UK with a suitcase full of Aussie lifestyle lessons that she was determined to incorporate into her new life as mum to Emilia Susan. Together, they’re out to trial the best mummy/baby classes, the latest health and fitness fads and cook up a storm using recommended recipes for the likes of beetroot cupcakes and a reishi mushroom latte.

SARAH – the hungry one

All-out foodie Sarah is steadfastly refusing to become a Starbucks Mum when our capital has so much more to offer. Baby Theo is her plus one for a whistle-stop tour of cafes, pubs and restaurants, in order to uncover the best eateries for every level of mum-dom. Where makes the withouts of pregnancy easier, how to meet friends with a toddler in tow and those special places worth saving for rare, glorious child-free date nights.



Photo of co-founders Tanya, Lynsey and Sarah

Meet the Mamas


A London lifestyle guide for people with pint-sized plus ones.

We love you London, but you don’t make things easy on those of us operating under The M Word.

‘Ban public breastfeeding’ brigades, bus-based buggy battles and inexplicable ‘no reservations’ trends that turn a longed-for night out into a damp squib of an evening (three-hour queue before dinner anyone?)

It’s no wonder many new parents begrudgingly resign themselves to an immediate future of soft play, Costa coffee and onesie-wearing clichés.

We’re three London-living mamas who believe that reproducing should not a social-pariah make! C’mon London, let’s not have the break-up talk just yet, it’s not that we’ve changed, we’re just a little higher maintenance now that we have tiny humans in tow.

So we’ve done the legwork, sampled the goods and are here to let like-minded mums, mummies, mothers and mamas know our top picks for making the most of London living with a pint-sized plus one.  

We're always on the look-out for new places to go, things to do, or products to try to feature on the site, so we'd love to hear your recommendations!

Drop us a line at mamaeditinfo@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below.


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