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TME's TOP PICKS: Stylish Playmats


Playmats. They are a big feature of your everyday life once you have a baby, and up to very recently I had always viewed them largely with disgust as nearly every single one I came across was brightly coloured and covered with cutsey-looking animals. But hurrah as the tide has turned and there are more stylish options out there for those parents that would prefer their baby’s playmat to match or compliment their interiors. Choice is everything.



This online shop offers playmats and beanbags as well as fabulously designed teepees. Its playmats (see picture below) are aimed at those parents who want a monochrome option, and are thick enough to be comfortable for your little one’s head as they learn to roll and sit.




You’ll find this Danish brand on most Scandi-inspired online shops, and there’s good reason for it. The brand offers stylish, Scandi pieces, ranging from toys to bedding. Their blankets could easily double-up as playmats due to their thickness and come in a lovely range of muted colours.



This Spanish brand has one of the biggest variety of playmats I’ve come across, either in a circle format or rectangle. Also check out their teepees and beanbags! Most of the childrens/interior shops we’ve seen tend to stock this brand so no need to worry about shipping from Spain!



An Australian brand that I wish someone would sell over here in the UK. The playmats come with a playgym and in a wonderful variety of gorgeous fabrics. They are fairly pricey and you’d also have to factor in the shipping price but they are too pretty not to share with you (see pic below).



We've been big fans of Mama Designs for ages, we have the baby sacs, muslins, you name it we have it. So we were super excited to see Keira is now bringing out a quilted playmat to add to her great range of products. It comes in two colour ways: Grey and Turquoise or Grey and Pink (see below). If you have one of her blankets, then this will match perfectly for your little one! 



This is such a great US children's brand and we love their small range of playmats. This one will definitely appeal to all those monochrome lovers out there, and fit perfectly with all interiors! Plus Wee Gallery's products are so much fun. We love their illustrations of animals, so check out their sun playmat (see below) or the square-shaped explore-themed one (shown above, first image).



You can find these fun Australian playmats on Scandi-inspired online shop Soren's House. They come in a range of different animals, from racoons (see below) to deer, cats, sheep and unicorns! We love them here at TME. The sweet illustrations can't fail but get a smile out of you each time you see the playmat. Did we say how cute they were already??