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TME's TOP PICKS: Wooden toy brands


Toys. Whether you like it or not, children’s toys will take over your house and your life. For the first six or so months of my son’s life, I didn’t really bother buying many as he seemed more amused with watching me or our cats, or just playing with household items. But for those of you like me who would prefer to buy wooden toys over a brightly-coloured bit of plastic, here’s our top five (although equally if you are like me there will have to be some slow acceptance of plastic fantastic in your life I’m afraid).



This online shop is one of TME’s favourite wooden toy brands, a nostalgic nod to a time before all the garish plastic toys. From stacking animals to pull-along wooden toys (check out the dog banging a drum - just lovely!), there’s lots of choice here.



Janod is a great French brand that does a good job of combining wooden toys with a bit of colour and sound to keep the little ones entertained. Personal faves are their wooden sound telephone, and its camera version, as well as the animal toy kits.



Pinch Toys's simple, classic wooden toys, ranging from cars to animals, are beautiful and timeless. They are slightly more expensive than some other brands but the quality is amazing so it is money well spent. One for minimalist lovers. 



This British brand designs and makes beautiful wooden toys and nursery decor for children. It has the added bonus of all of its products being non-toxic and made of natural materials. TME’s faves are the wooden blocks and its range of wooden vehicles!



Yes the place that most people love to hate. Ikea. Whatever your feelings about the Scandi store, there’s no denying that it knows how to do wooden toys. We’ve bought everything from a wooden train set to the classic children’s kitchen. Take a look as the prices are unbeatable.






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