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TRIED & RESTED: Bath Spa Hotel


Bath Spa Hotel, Bath



Set in majestic grounds, just the sight of this hotel has you feeling relaxed. A grand English country manor house set on one of Bath’s many hills, the place oozes luxury. But even in this setting, the staff were very welcoming of babies, especially our nine-month-old son who wanted to explore every nook and cranny. Bath Spa Hotel is part of the Macdonald group so we knew we’d be getting high quality, and the spa facilities were far too tempting for this tired mum of one.





My back massage was exactly what the doctor ordered, and the choice of several steam and sauna rooms was great. The spa boasts a choice of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, both surrounded by a good selection of comfortable seating to relax on. We took our son swimming several times in the pool, and were glad to see plenty of other children splashing around happily too.



Our spa package came with an afternoon tea, which was extremely yummy, and there was a good selection of restaurants to choose from inside the hotel. We took our son asleep in the pram for dinner on one of the days, and despite the quiet ambience of the room, we didn’t feel out of place or judged by the fellow diners (this may be because he managed to stay asleep the whole time - for once!) The steak was excellent.



Situated just 1 mile from Bath’s train station, a big plus is the hotel's close proximity to the city centre.  The 20 minute walk or quick cab ride means that, as well as the Bath Spa Hotel's choices of restaurants, you also have the rest of the city's food scene there for the eating.   



The hotel charges £15 a day for car parking which seemed a bit pricey to us! The decor is very much on the grand, luxurious side, so not one for those lovers of chic, trendy, boutique hotels.



From £148 for one of their basic rooms



Ask for a room downstairs if you have a baby and want to make it easier getting around the hotel.



7 /10.

The hotel is good for parents who want to enjoy a few days away with their family with the opportunity to sneak in a spa treatment or two, but prices soon mount up.  For more information, or to book a stay – visit here