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It seems like every family has a teepee/wigwam/tent these days. They’ve become the fashionable must have for every stylish parent, and there’s a huge variety of different styles out there to choose from. They are the perfect place for your little terrors to hide and escape, or to spend the afternoon reading. If that doesn’t appeal to you then at TME we think there’s nothing funnier than seeing a grown-up forced to squeeze themselves into a teepee at the insistence of their kid. There ain't no other sight like it! 



We’ve mentioned this brand before on TME for their stylish monochrome playmats, but they also offer equally fashionable teepees in the same white and black style. Our faves are the stripe tepee black trim and the grid tepee white trim (see above and below pics). Their range costs from £135.



This brand knows how to make affordable nursery décor and their tipiz range is no different. While Mokee offer a smaller choice than other companies, their teepees come in a classic grey chevron print (see below) with the choice of yellow, green or black wooden sticks, they are well made. Priced at £109.95.



This lovely brand offers teepees in a range of neutral colours and styles that will fit in perfectly with any décor. One of our faves is the natural tipi – mist with white stars – perfect for those that prefer understated, more minimalistic styles. Most are priced at £100.



This shop’s Wigwama range is super cute and comes in a selection of different styles, from stars to stylish chevron. The big plus point for this brand is it comes with a padded floor playmat and a cushion cover, which most other brands don’t include. Priced at £142 (see below). 




This Scandi brand offers a lovely choice of tent style play areas (see below),  which take up less room if you have a smaller space. Our fave is the yellow chevron print to bring a bit of sunshine to your house! Prices start at £89.




This Spanish brand is one of TME’s faves as you know you are getting a stylish but good quality product. It also offers a big range of different styles so there should be something for everybody here. Prices start from £134.95.



This company offers a range of neutral based teepees with a fun choice of different colours/patterns for the entrance. Bit more expensive than others but very cute. Priced at £160. 

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