TRIED & TASTED: Low / No Alcohol Beers

Collection of beers

The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes a time of mulled wine, Baileys by the fire and bubbles galore right? Sadly no, if like me you are going to be pregnant for the second time during the festive season. There’s nothing worse than watching everyone get merry around you while you sit there with a sparkling...water. Enter non-alcoholic/low alcohol beers. We’ve done our research and tried and tasted as many as we could for our fellow mamas-to-be in order to help ease the holiday pain. We've even got one of the TME hubbies, Richard, to give a well-versed beer drinker's point of view!


0.5 per cent

Brewdog's Nanny State Alcohol Free Hoppy Ale

TME Tanya: This was a revelation for me. Brewdog's Nanny State tasted as close to the real thing as I've found. It isn’t sickly and has a nice refreshing taste – perfect for when you just want to kick back with a curry and a beer. 9/10

TME Richard: A low alcohol classic that has set the benchmark for others to follow. It isn’t sweet and the hoppy flavour can make you believe you’re drinking a regular craft beer. A great one to take to parties. 8/10


0.3 per cent

TME Tanya: I was excited when I saw this Copenhagen-brewed ale in our local craft beer shop purely because of its festiveness. A winter ale brewed with spices, this really hit the spot for me. With a nice caramel colour and hints of orange it was a warming drink to put me in the Christmas mood! 8/10

TME Richard: Probably my pick of the bunch due to its seasonal flavour. This winter ale has surprising depth and character for an non-alcoholic beer. Mulled spices make it my choice for Christmas, enjoy! They also do a summer version Drink’ In The Sun that I look forward to getting my hands on. 9/10


0.5 per cent

Erdinger Alkohol Frei beer

TME Tanya: This low alcohol beer is extremely drinkable and not too heavy, but with a slight sweetness it strikes me as a better option for summer bbq’s than Christmas festivities. 6/10

TME Richard: This is more like a premium lager than an ale, which is crisp when served cold but too weak in flavour to make it worth the effort of buying it over the others. 5/10


0.3 per cent

Fitbeer alcohol free and low calorie premium beer

TME Tanya: Marketed as being high in folic acid and vitamin B12, this sounded like the perfect pregnancy drink for me. And I wasn't disappointed, this tasted smooth and was just like an easy to drink lager. Definitely one that you can have a few of in one night! And at just 66 calories a bottle, that gets a big tick from me. 7/10

TME Richard: I like the fact that this is being marketed for the discerning health fanatic, who likes their beer but couldn’t possibly cope with the calories of a regular pint! Refreshing crisp taste, would be welcome after a run (as if I’ve done one of those recently since our son was born!) 7/10


0.05 per cent

TME Tanya: Not the best of the bunch but sufficient if you are searching for a non-alcoholic beer on a night out as this tends to be the main brand stocked in bars and pubs. Wouldn't make it onto my shopping list though. 5/10

TME Richard: This is probably your only choice of non-alcoholic beer in a pub or bar and tastes mediocre without too much substance. Not my favourite unless there isn’t much else available. 4/10