TOP PICKS: Low/ No Alcohol Drinks

Just because you are pregnant, breastfeeding or the designated driver shouldn't mean you have to be stuck drinking sparkling elderflower or orange juice the whole evening. As the Christmas festivities begin, we here at TME thought we'd list out our favourite low and non alcoholic tipples that we'll be using to get us through the season!

1. Seedlip alcohol-free spirit

This is a new one for me but clearly I've been missing a trick. Seedlip's alcohol-free spirit has become a trendy alternative to gin and is served at a lot of the top London restaurants (Clove Club and The Ledbury to name just two). Made from natural ingredients, it comes in two options: Spice 94 which is more suited for the winter with notes of cardamon, spice, oak, lemon and grapefruit, and the more summery Garden 108 with its notes of pea, spearmint, rosemary and thyme. I prefer the latter but definitely worth trying both. Makes you feel like you aren't getting a kick in the teeth every time someone makes yet another round of G&Ts!

TME tip: The guys at Seedlip also provide a range of cocktail (or rather mocktail) recipes if you want to have something a bit more fancy than a G&T, so check out their ideas here.

bottle of seedlip, cactus

2. Sainsbury’s Alcohol free sparkling wine

0.05%, 75 cls, £2.75 Sainsbury's

This has been one of my favourite alternatives to prosecco during both of my pregnancies now as it's one of the few non-alcoholic wines that aren't too sickly sweet and doesn't just taste like sparkling elderflower. It has a nice, crisp, apple flavour. The price ain't bad either and at least you can (sort of) feel like you are drinking along with everybody else!

3. Eisberg Alcohol free wine Cabernet Sauvignon

0.05%, 75cls, £3.50 Ocado

Non-alcoholic red wines are a tough one, it's hard to get that depth of taste that the real deal offers. But Eisberg's alcohol free cabernet sauvignon is probably the best option we've tried so far (albeit it still doesn't come close to its alcoholic brother). Expect aromas of cherries, this fruity wine was definitely drinkable.

4. Brewdog's Nanny State

0.5%, 330mls, £1.25 Sainsbury's

We've flagged this one in our tried & tasted piece on low/no alcohol beers (see here) but with its top rating of 9/10 we had to include it in our top picks. A low alcohol classic that has a delicious hoppy flavour that makes you feel like you're drinking a regular craft beer.

5. Sainsbury's Alcohol Free Rose

0.05%, 75cls, £2.75 Sainsbury's

Perhaps better for the summer but, as this is my favourite non-alcoholic rose I've tasted so far, I felt that it needed to be included. Best served chilled, it tastes crisp, sweet and fruity. Lightly sparkling = perfection.

Champagne, sparkling