FEEL GOOD: Turkey leftovers

Christmas Turkey

Us new mamas need all the help we can get when it comes to Christmas time entertaining, and using up leftovers can mean more time to spend with the family (or precious me time!) We love to experiment with new, healthy ways to cook at TME, and the below recipes won't disappoint.

1. Turkey Soup

This Asian inspired Turkey Soup, packs in some tasty bok choy and is delicious served on its own for lunch or as a starter if you are entertaining on Boxing Day.

Tip: Increase your green veggie intake by adding in some sugar snap peas.

2. Turkey Nachos

A twist on the traditional Mexican favourite, these Turkey Nachos are perfect for the family to share and are super easy to prepare.

Tip: When using leftovers, simply shred the meat instead of using the suggested turkey mince.

3. Turkey Casserole

As the turkey will already be cooked, this paleo Turkey Casserole recipe is easy to prepare for a delicious post-Christmas meal. You can also mix up the vegetables in this recipe depending on what leftovers you have available.

Brussels sprouts

4. Turkey with Roasted Brussels Sprout Quinoa

The perfect recipe not only for leftover turkey but also if you've bought too many brussels sprouts for Christmas dinner. Roasting the brussels sprouts is so much nicer than boiling them and, when teamed with juicy pomegranates and sauteed portobello mushrooms, produces a really delicious meal.

5. Korean Rice Pot

As a fan of anything cooked in one pot - this Korean Rice Pot was an instant hit. Plus the rice is a welcome addition after all the potatoes we consumed on Christmas Day! Personally I prefer wholegrain rice, so swapped out the long grain for wholegrain and also added in some chopped kale for a real nutritional boost.

Christmas dinner table