FEEL GOOD: Veganuary Recipes

Owner of Cookie&Biscuit Danae Dade

No longer the rubber-shoed, preachy abstainers of yore, vegans are finally having their moment!

Not only is January moonlighting as “Veganuary” but Veganism is set to be a huge trend for 2018 as a whole. So, what better time to introduce you to one of our favourite Mama-brands, Cookie&Biscuit?

Serving plant-based realness since 2014, owner Danae Dade started the business as a small batch bakery in South London and now runs special yoga brunches and supper clubs, makes custom cakes and delivers fresh-baked vegan brownies direct to your door via her genius monthly-subscription service (beats flowers any day!).

Mama to Frankie, 6, and Bowie, 2, Danae proves that there’s way more to vegan food than lentils and kale and we reckon that her simple, nutritious and downright delicious recipes (below) will persuade even the most committed carnivores to give this vegan thing a go.


Quick and easy, these pancakes are the ultimate way to kick-off your day.

Danae Dade's Nut Butter Fluffy Vegan Pancakes


200g flour (I use spelt)

30g sugar (or any sweetener of choice)

1tsp bi carb

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (optional)

1tsp cornflour

250ml non-dairy milk

1tsp white vinegar

100ml water

50-60g nut butter (I use almond butter)

Coconut oil or vegan butter


Combine milk & vinegar and set aside.

Mix dry ingredients.

Add in wet ingredients and nut butter


Heat coconut oil or vegan butter in a hot flat pan.

Spoon in the pancake batter.

Flip when small bubbles start to form.

Cook until golden on both sides.

Serve with your favourite toppings & maple syrup

*TIP* Make extra and keep them in freezer, then simply pop them in toaster for mid-week breakfasts on-the-go.


When it’s cold and miserable outside, this flavoursome stew will provide the ultimate comfort food.

Prep: 10 mins

Cook: 20-25 minutes


1 white onion diced

2 carrots sliced

1 courgette diced

2 garlic cloves minced

460g cooked chickpeas (if using tinned save the water it can be used as an egg replacer in baking, or for making vegan meringue)

1 can coconut milk (I use full fat)

400g diced tomatoes

4tbsp tomato paste

2tsp dried ground coriander

1tsp celery salt

¼tsp cinnamon

salt & pepper to taste

fresh coriander to sprinkle on finished dish

Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a deep skillet or medium soup pan, it should be enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Add the onions and cook for 4-5 minutes until they are just soft and starting to brown.

Next add the spices, tomato paste and garlic, making sure to mix them in well with the onions. Cook for about 1 minute, then add in the carrots, courgette and chickpeas. Go ahead and add the diced tomatoes as well as the coconut milk. Give everything a good stir then leave to simmer for about 15-20 minutes.

Serve with cous cous or brown rice and top with fresh coriander

*TIP* If you want to heat things up, slice up some chilies and add them in for even more oomph.

For more delicious vegan recipes or to find out more about Danae's supper clubs, yoga brunches or brownie subscriptions visit Cookie&Biscuit or follow @cookieandbiscuituk on instagram.