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CAFFEINE KICK: Nunhead & Peckham Rye


THE AREA: When you are having one of those days when everything seems to be going wrong, the only thing that can help a tired and stressed-out mama is a BIG CUP OF COFFEE. (Anyone for a second cup, or tenth?!) South-East London hoods, Nunhead and Peckham Rye, provide a great variety of options and, with Peckham Rye common and park nearby, you can also entertain your little one/s or rock them to dreamland. And you are likely to find plenty of fellow tired parents around to give you that knowing, exhausted-parent nod. 



Launched in 2015, the Habit is a modern British bistro, plating up local produce. It's a great place where friends and family can enjoy brunch, lunch or just a coffee and cake. Very child-friendly, there's enough room for buggies and plenty of highchairs available. It also has a restaurant in Peckham, within the South London Gallery, so plenty of choices! 



This popular chain is a relative newbie to the area to be found on Nunhead's cute high street. If your child enjoys a pizza then this is a goodie for lunch, but equally great to pop in whatever the time of the day. 





This is a local fave for families, situated on Peckham Rye common it is the perfect location for that all-important coffee stop in between visits to the playground/endless pushes on the swings/feeding the ducks in the pond. Great for coffee, lunch, cakes and ice cream in the summer. Only downside is it can get pretty crowded (usually with families) in the hotter months. 



A great baby/toddler/family-friendly pub that has a big garden, perfect for the summer months but also has lots of space inside for buggies and highchairs galore on colder days. Does a great menu for lunch and dinner, and is particularly popular on Sundays for a traditional roast. 





Another great pub situated just across the road from Peckham Rye common. The Clock House (see pic above) doesn't have as much outside space as The Rye so better for rainy or cold days. Does a fab brunch offering and again has enough highchairs to make it a good place for a big friends and babies meet up. 


6) CAFE G 

This cafe is a popular one for families so expect children everywhere. Lots of room for buggies (which is always a plus), and a great pitstop for coffee and cake or lunch with friends. It has a lovely relaxed vibe so you never feel like you are being rushed to leave to clear up space for new diners. 




The Old Spike Roastery (see pic above) is a fab coffee house in Peckham to grab a flat white to go. A small space, it has a cool East London vibe, with the coffee freshly-roasted on a weekly basis at the coffee shop. Set up in 2015, it was launched to tackle homelessness, providing a living wage to homeless people in the area - making you feel good about your coffee habit. 




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