TOP PICKS: Adult rucksacks

The trusty backpack. Once it was something our parents made us wear (on both shoulders) and the pinnacle of un-coolness (anyone else remember the cool schoolbag alternative: record bags? The bane of school tights everywhere). Fast forward to today and the backpack is cool once again, and we now fully embrace the practical nature of it, especially when lugging around tonnes of baby/toddler crap and needing all hands free to be able to run after and coax your toddler to wherever it is that you need to get to on time.

Here's our top picks for all you mamas out there:

1) Tiba + Marl - From £120

The ultimate cool parent brand, Tiba & Marl's range of backpacks are extremely lust worthy, yet practical. They come in a range of lovely designs, for the astronaut in you they have a silver backpack, a chic fake snakeskin version (see pic below) ranging to a fun floral style that can't fail to make you smile every time you grab it on your way out. They also come with a handy changing mat so also a good option as a nappy changing bag. Pricey, but if you are happy to splurge then this is the brand for you!

2) Jem + Bea Jamie Black Python - £140

Like Tiba & Marl, this is one of the higher end sought after bag brands on the market. This black rucksack (see pic below) is sleek and stylish and is filled with practical features such as a vanity pouch and hidden thermo-insulated pocket, perfect for those bottles of milk you need to carry around. Also comes with a changing mat. Again one of the more expensive options but definitely not a bag you'll ever feel embarrassed about, even when you have a poonami situation on your hands (literally)!

3) Herschel Supply Company - Little America Backpack - £95

This backpack is cheaper than our first two options and comes in a variety of colours so the choice is yours (we love the classic black version as well as the grey one). The practical style is comfortable and has a surprising amount of space. If this style doesn't float your boat then check out the other styles on offer from Herschel.

4) Fjallraven - From £80

This trendy Scandi brand is practical yet cool. We love their range of backpacks, which are comfortable but also fun, coming in a large range of colours so there's bound to be something to suit your style. Their cheapest rucksack, the re-kanken (see pic below), which is made entirely from polyester recycled from plastic bottles, so by buying it you'll even be doing your bit for the environment ;-)

5) Hype - From £24.99

Amongst the cheapest of our top picks, this brand is practical, comfortable and comes in a variety of styles so should have something to suit everyone. Available on websites such as Asos, Hype rucksacks have plenty of space to store nappies and toys galore as well as other baby essentials, but as this is a standard rucksack do not expect lots of different compartments.