TOP PICKS: Playroom rugs

panda rug

Rugs are a great way to spruce up a nursery or designate a corner of your living room for playtime. There's loads of great designs out there right now which means they no longer have to be an eyesore, but a stylish addition to your interiors! Here's TME's top picks:

1) OYOY Adventure Rug £39.95

This is a rug made for toddlers obsessed with driving their vehicles up and down winding roads and imagining themselves on their next far flung adventure. Can be used as either a rug or a playmat, this Scandi rug gets a big tick from us as it's affordable and chic (see below).

You can buy it from most online nursery decor shops, we found it here at Scandi Born.

road adventure rug

2) Baby Abode Animal Playmat/Rug £19.50

These cute playmats/rugs (see first pic above) come in four designs - panda, racoon, bear and fox - and oh my gosh they are lovely! I bought the racoon one before Christmas and the design is spot on. Probably more playmat than rug in terms of thickness, it will look great on the floor, over a chair or just simply flung over the side of the cot.

3) OYOY World Rug £59.95

Another rug form OYOY but that's simply because they know how to make a good children's rug! This circular one (see pic below) is perfect for getting your little one to let their imagination fly, taking their toys on adventures all around the world. Can be bought online at Scandi Born.

OYOY world rug

4) H&M World Map motif cotton rug £24.99

H&M is a great place to go for kids' interiors and it has several lovely rug options . Similar to the OYOY world rug, it has its own version (for a much cheaper price) which depicts where different animals can be found around the globe. It comes in either black and white or turquoise.

5) La Redoute Stridell watermelon child's rug £20

La Redoute does a wonderful range of rugs for anywhere around your home. Their children's range doesn't disappoint either. You can choose from either a teepee design to this fun watermelon rug (see pic below) for a bit of colour in your nursery. Their graphic triangles rug is also fabulous for £55.

watermelon rug