MAMA MUST READS: The Books You'll Want To Find Time For

Books? Oh yeah I think I remember those. Reading? HA! Trying to read a text is a challenge these days.

We hear ya. Time is tight and reading requires peace, quiet and an attention span that you misplaced somewhere between that baby-making bonk sesh and delivering a tiny, screaming human into the world.

But, if you do get five minutes, during a mid-morning naptime or spouse-enabled lie-in, we wholeheartedly recommend filling it with one of these reads.

Easily-digested, honest, and often frickin' hilarious, these are the books that have got us through the tough times, the tired times and the downright delirious times to, just about, keep us sane. Enjoy!

1. Parenting the sh*t out of life: By Mother Pukka & Papa Pukka

We've been big fans of the Flex Appealing, flash-mobbing, powerhouse that is Mother Pukka Anna Whitehouse for a good while so were beyond excited to get our mitts on this book she penned alongside husband Matt. Recounting the parenthood journey from bump to baby and beyond from a hilarious yet heartfelt his and hers perspective, I often had to stop reading this while my baby slept on me due to the uncontrollable shaking and explosive snorts trying to contain my LOLs resulted in. There are also incredibly tender, moving moments, particularly on the subject of miscarriage, that help those of us who are lucky enough not to have experienced it understand, and those of us who sadly have walked that path, know that we're not alone. It should be made law that every new parent is sent a copy of this.

2. Nobody Told Me, Poetry and Parenthood: By Hollie McNish

Even if poems are not your usual go-to for a reading session, this book of poems set within Hollie's diary from when she was pregnant with her first child will grip your attention and heart straight away. Raw, honest and jaw-achingly funny. There were so many times that I went from crying to laughing in a stroke of a second. Hollie manages to capture the uncertainty, the bewilderment, the anxiety that affects us all when having a child, along with all those things nobody told you would happen. To get a taster of her style see Hollie recite one of my fave poems here: Embarrassed a poem about breastfeeding.

3. The Unmumsy Mum: By Sarah Turner

This was one of the first "mum" books I read when pregnant with my first and boy did I love it (who needs all the boring parenting style manuals when you have Sarah?!) Another honest account that motherhood isn't always rosy, but has its moments of loneliness and daily disasters. But even on those bad days, Sarah shows us the funny side and that we're not alone in some of our deepest darkest thoughts. Don't expect any censored moments here - Sarah will go to places where many others wouldn't and that's exactly why we love her.

4. The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams : By Katie Kirby (See also Katie's first book Hurrah for Gin)

When you are already sleep deprived, tired with the antics of a toddler, and expecting another little sleep thief on the way, this was an easy book to read - and help prepare myself for all the madness heading my way! After the success of her first book Hurrah for Gin (which is also absolutely hilarious and a must read btw), Katie's next book is written from the point of view of Archie, aged 2 1/4, with diary entries detailing his toddler view of life as well as the shock of dealing with a new sibling. The amount of times I read out excerpts of this to my husband in bed shows just how funny it is - Katie has that amazing knack of getting the insane and contradictory - and hilarious - demands of toddlers bang on.