TOP PICKS: Stylish Toy Storage

Tellkiddo paper bear storage bag

Tired of stepping on lego? Does all the bright coloured plastic offend your eyes? Have you forgotten what your lovely living room rug looks like? If you've ticked all the above then you need some stylish toy storage options in your life. Pronto. We've searched high and low for our faves, that will help keep the ever growing pile of toys in some form of stylish order (at least at the end of the day, there's no hope for when the little humans are awake - sorry!)

Tellkiddo - from €14

This has long been one of our fave Scandi brands here at TME (see first pic above). Three years ago when I was pregnant with my first I bought two of Tellkiddo’s paper bear bags and ever since they have been proudly on show in our living room and nursery, stuffed full of toys. They are made out of recycled paper and are extremely hard-wearing. Check out their range of paper bags as well as their fabric options – we dare you not to instantly fall in love with them all.

Nobodinoz storage

Nobodinoz – from €39.95

We’ve mentioned this Spanish brand before in TME’s top picks on playmats and teepees, but they also do a great range of toy storage bags. So many designs in fact (see pic above) that it would be extremely unlikely if you didn’t find one that you love. Being monochrome lovers here our fave is their baobab zigzag bag but we would happily buy them all (see the other colour zigzag versions above!). These ones also are closeable for those that really don’t want any of those colourful plastic toys popping their heads out.

Olli Ella Storage bag

Olli Ella – from £20

If you like handwoven baskets then Olli Ella is the brand for you. From dipped belly baskets to ones with pom poms attached, you can find lots of lovely styles at this UK/Oz brand. And if you decide not to put toys in them, they also work fabulously as a stylish plant pot. Also check out their matching adult and children luggy bags (see pic above for the child's version), which you can use either as storage in the house or as a bag for shopping - cuteness overload!

Rock and Pepple house bag

Rock and Pebble House bag – from about £59

Looking for a “safe house” for all your little one’s toys then this bag (see pic above) is literally just the thing for you. A organic cotton canvas bag in the style of a house, which even comes with a little beech key shaped charm. A more expensive option but definitely a statement piece (and it’s just so cute that we had to include it in our top picks). You can find it online at retailers such as This Modern Life.

House Doctor - £14

These fabric baskets are marketed as laundry baskets but I’ve found they also work perfectly – and stylishly – as storage for toys. And they are bloody good value too. You can find them stocked online at a variety of shops, our fave styles are this monochrome striped version found on Trouva or their white grid version.

Play & Go roadmap playmat and storage bag

Play & Go mats – from €34

Being mums we like a good practical option and Play & Go mats (see pic above) are exactly that. Doubling up as a play mat and a storage bag, this clever design means that all the toys scattered around on the mat can be quickly cleared away with a tug. Portable so perfect for carrying around the home, they also come in a fab range of stylish designs. Our fave is the roadmap version above.

Lego storage box – from £6.99

Those clever people at Lego know how to appeal to the parents of lego loving children. A large Lego-shaped storage box for the thousands of teeny lego pieces accumulated by families everywhere. But even if you don’t have any lego just yet, these large storage boxes look great in any kids bedroom and can be used for anything. They also come in a range of colours.

Lego storage bag

Fabelab storage bag bear - about £39.95

Who wouldn't want this ray of sunshine sitting in any room of their house? This yellow bear storage bag (see pic above) from the lovely Danish brand Fabelab just makes me happy every time I look at it. Again another brand where you can tie the bag up at the top to keep all those darn toys safely tucked away, which gives it a big tick from us (although we think it gets that already for the design alone!) You can buy straight from their website or from a UK-based shop which stocks it, we found it here at This Modern Life.

ooh noo toy storage chest

Ooh Noo Toy chest on wheels – €104.80

This is probably one of the most stylish options out there. This storage option comes in the form of a pullalong wooden toy chest on wheels (see pic above) and we love it. There is no doubt this is pricey compared to the other options on this list but we love it nonetheless! Comes in black or white.